Our Friends

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Friends of the Highway

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It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community to maintain the highway. The following organizations are united in their love of the highway. Visit their sites for more information.

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[heading subtitle=”These organizations and individuals were instrumental in the creation of the King of Roads website or exhibit:”]



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Special Thanks

  • Ray Summers
  • Tyler Chastain
  • Devin Curtis
  • Austin Guerrero
  • McKenzie Huff
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Become a Sponsor Today!

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Multnomah Falls Level Sponsors

Wahkeena Falls Level Sponsors

  • Bob Baker in memory of Bill & Florence Baker
  • Jeanette Kloos
  • Mike & Andrea Mershon
  • Len & Gloria Otto
  • Marilee Thompson

Horsetail Falls Level Sponsors

Coming Soon

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Wayne Brooks, Jo Callister, Rip Caswell, Jackie Creech, Jim Davis, Donald & Rita Duplessie, Bettianne & Al Goetz, Nellie J. Hjaltalin, Jean Holman, Jean & Jerry Hybskmann, Bonnie Jepsen, Mary Lou & Lee, Richard & Dorothy Kerslake, Jeanne Landis, David & Jennifer Munsun, Sharon & Bill Nesbit, Myrna Rhodes, Judith & John Scott, Nev Scott, Standridge, J. Stenkamp, Paul & Marilyn Toenjes, Helen Wand, Craig & Jill Ward



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