Kids Corner

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Here at the kids corner you’ll find trips to make your trip easy and enjoyable for the whole family, as well as the download for our very own King of Roads coloring book. Make sure you check out our family picks for great hikes and activities suitable for families.

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It’s important to plan ahead for a family road trip. Make sure you have enough things to keep your children entertained. Download the King of Roads coloring book for an interactive way to get your kids excited about the trip!

Emergency Bathroom stops
It happens to everyone. In case of emergency refer to our map here to easily locate every bathroom stop so there’s no accident.

Make Your Stops Count
If you’ve got a long ride try and stop as few times as you can (unless of course you’re on the Historic Highway in which case stopping is encouraged!) as it will slow your progress. That said when you do stop make sure your kids have a chance to get their energy out. Let them run around and stretch their legs. That’s good advice for you, too!
Give them something to color! Download the King of Roads coloring book, and print it off for your kids. It will make their day to see all the things they colored in right before them in real life. Click the image to download the pdf.

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