Len Otto
Len Otto, Chair
Troutdale Historical Society


I am a child of the old highway. Many of us here are. No capital letters to “old highway,” either, just an implication that there is a new highway out there somewhere. The new highway is the one most people take, I-84. The King of Roads is the “old highway” – 100 years old in 2016 –and if you are interested in taking the highway less traveled, I encourage you to take the King. You won’t be disappointed. And, I also encourage you to start your drive with us at our Barn Museum.

Wherever you are in this world, these webpages are an introduction to the King of Roads ~ Byway of the People exhibit. A theme as you explore both webpages and museum is “built by locals.” Locals toiled with their sinew and sweat and endured dust, dirt, grit, and noise to create a road blasted through some of the most challenging terrain on earth.

When time came to save and restore the highway, local people realized the need and stepped up to fight the battles that needed to be fought. Many of those same people are active today. Built by locals has taken on a new meaning in our digital age. While many people “outsource” when it is time to build a website, these pages were created by local graduates of the Center for Advanced Learning in Gresham, Oregon. Our thanks go to them and to the Oregon Arts Commission for providing funding for their efforts.

We invite you to explore what it means for the old highway to have been built by locals. The exhibit – and the Barn Museum itself – were also built by locals. Please make King of Roads ~ Byway of the People the first stop on your journey tothe old highway.

Len Otto

Chair, Troutdale Historical Society’s Exhibit Committee